Community Day Programs

TLC provides community-based day program services.  The majority of the individuals who utilize our day program services are also residents of our Residential Group Homes.  These community-based day program services include supervision, monitoring, training, education , demonstration, support to assist with the acquisition  and retention of skills, and or training and education in self determination.  Each individual receiving these services  work toward acquiring the skills to become an active member of the community.  The goal of the program is for the individual to become more independent and more integrated within their community and with community activities. We offer a variety of Community Day Programs:

  • DTA Program  (Day Treatment Adult)
  • Non-Emergency Transportation
  • Community Habilitation
  • Vocational Program (VOC)
  • Non-Emergency Transportation
  • Group Supported Employment, Center- Based Employment
  • Individual Supported Employment

Individually Designed Living Arrangements (IDLA)

Room & Board with IDLA

We provide supported living services to individuals functioning in the mild to moderate range of mental retardation.  Focus is on skill attainment and independent living skills as well as a strong emphasis on community integration.  Concentration is also placed on eliminating maladaptive behaviors.

The Individually Designed Living Arrangement (IDLA) can be designed to support and assist the individual while teaching and allowing independence in decision making and day to day living skills.

These services occur in a variety of settings: In-home sites supported in the community without roommates/housemates.

Services provided include oversight, monitoring, training, education, demonstration, or support to assist with:

  • Non-Emergency Transportation
  • Behavioral Support Plans and Behavior Management/Intervention
  • Acquisition, improvement and retention of life skills, including personal and clothing care
  • Assistance with meals; menu planning, grocery shopping and meal preparation
  • Medication administration and/or self-administration of medications
  • Medical and dental appointments
  • Running errands and shopping
  • Household care/chores and maintaining a home environment
  • Leisure time activities and community exploration
  • Safety skills and social/emotional support
  • Health maintenance and specialized health care needs
  • Enhancement of communication and social relationships
  • Personal budgeting and banking, including the use of checking and savings accounts and bill paying
  • Respite services

Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)

Respite Care (Hourly & Daily)

Are you the parent, guardian, primary caregiver of a child or adult who has a developmental disability?  If so, you may be in need of a vacation, weekend, time for shopping, a movie or a few hours for self-care.  Respite care services are specifically designed to meet a caregiver's real and important need for their own time for self-care and peace of mind.   Respite Care services are provided in your home to ensure  your loved one gets the care h/she deserves and requires while you take a few hours or a few days away.

Adult Developmental Home Providers (ADH)

Adult Developmental Home Providers are a much needed and integral part of a unique support system. They assist and guide individuals with developmental disabilities in meaningful ways that will benefit them now and in the future.

As an Adult Developmental Home Provider, your role will be similar to that of an Adult Foster Care Provider/Home. The individual will live in your own private residence and will be integrated into your family environment. This is an innovative, community-based living alternative for supporting adults with Developmental Disabilities.

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