TLC Supported Living Services of Arizona, (TLC) provides service and support to individuals with developmental and physical disabilities.  In selecting TLC as your employer, it is important for you to thoroughly understand our responsibility to the individuals we serve.

Our mission is to pursue, protect and support the consumer's individuality, independence and right of choice.

TLC offers individual's independent living arrangements and independent living in a residential group home setting.  In these settings we continue to strive to provide the highest level of individual supports.  Our staff are people who desire to work each day contributing to the well being of the individual's we serve.  Our staff assist each individual with daily living skills, community outings, and other assistance outlined in the individual's service plan and as directed by their team.

In selecting TLC as  your employer, your job function is to assist and support these individuals in their home.  Although your scheduled work hours are these residences it is very important to always be aware this is the individual's home.  It is important to always recognize you are an employee of TLC, but you are a guest in their home.

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