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Independent/Supported Living Services

Licensed DDD (Division of Developmentally Disabled)

Residential Group Homes  - Room & Board with Residential Group Homes

We provide supported living services to individuals in their communities throughout Arizona.  These services occur in a variety of settings:  In-home sites, individuals supported in the community with roommates/housemates.

Services provided include direct supervision, monitoring, training, education, demonstration, or support to assist with 

  • Non-Emergency Transportation
  • Behavioral Support Plans and Behavior Management/Intervention
  • Acquisition, improvement and retention of life skills, including personal and clothing care
  • Assistance with meals; menu planning, grocery shopping and meal preparation
  • Medication administration and/or self-administration of medications
  • Medical and dental appointments
  • Running errands and shopping
  • Household care/chores and maintaining a home environment
  • Leisure time activities and community exploration
  • Safety skills and social/emotional support
  • Health maintenance and specialized health care needs
  • Enhancement of communication and social relationships
  • Personal budgeting and banking, including the use of checking and savings accounts and bill paying
  • Respite services 


TLC currently provides a variety of supports and services for many individuals in their communities within various supported living arrangements.  We are currently looking for opportunities to bring housemates together in supported living environments.  If you would like further information regarding any possible current placement opportunities that may exist, please contact us at 1.888.637.9744