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Respite Care (Hourly & Daily)

Are you the parent, guardian, primary caregiver of a child or adult who has a developmental disability?  If so, you may be in need of a vacation, weekend, time for shopping, a movie or a few hours for self-care.  Respite care services are specifically designed to meet a caregiver's real and important need for their own time for self-care and peace of mind.   Respite Care services are provided in your home to ensure  your loved one gets the care h/she deserves and requires while you take a few hours or a few days away.  For more information on our Respite Care program please contact us at 1.888.637.9744

  Other Services: 

  • Attendant Care
  • Homemaker /Housekeeping
  • Adult Day Care



If you (Parent, Guardian, Client) Select

TLC Supported Living Services of AZ., as your program service provider


You have the right to


  • Live in an environment that promotes and supports individual dignity, individuality, independence, self determination and privacy.


  • Choose desired housing location to be close to family, friends, recreational areas, shopping, etc.


  • Enjoy living in your home and in your community; go to a movie, shopping, or decide what activity(s) you would like to participate in.


  • Decline any outing or activity you may not wish to participate in.


  • Privacy in correspondence, communications, financial information and when you have visitors.


  • Participate in grocery shopping, decorating, cooking, laundry and cleaning activities


  • Review your file with TLC


  • Participate or refuse to participate in social, recreational, rehabilitative, religious, political or community activities.


  • Choose an Individually Designed Living Arrangement (IDLA).


*All of the above must be within the guidelines of the Individual Support Planner (ISP) and as agreed upon by the team.


If you have questions about the client rights, client advocacy or feel your loved ones rights have been violated and the Individual Service Planner is not being followed please contact us immediately at 1.888.637.9744